Monday, February 14, 2011


Here is an article shared with me from our AEA Chief Administrator, Jeff Herzberg. In his email Jeff states
You may have all caught this article but it should be read by every staff member, community member and board member in rural Iowa...
The article, When Factories Vanish, So Can Innovators, discusses the impact to other industries because of losing manufacturing jobs in the United States. How do schools reverse what the article points to? “Young people stop thinking about making things,” Mr. Jordan says. “It is no longer in their heads. They have a different mental orientation."

If this is true, how do we get them thinking about making things? To be creative and innovative?

Friday, February 4, 2011

Counting Hours vs Days

I have mixed feelings of counting hours versus counting days when inclement weather comes into play. I guess one of my views would be to have the flexibility to make up time missed by extending the day or starting earlier when temps are more conducive to staying in school. The part we must remember is that we had 2 early dismissals due to heat.

Your thoughts pro and con.