Sunday, January 16, 2011

MLK Day - What is Your Dream?

In honor of Martin Luther King, Jr. Day and one of the most famous speeches ever known, "I Have A Dream", an attempt to identify Dreams for Education. What is your Dream as related to Education? What will it take to make it happen? Are you working within a system that encourages change?

"I Have A Dream.....
  • That People stop others when they begin to talk negative about education while not knowing facts
  • That People are aware they are always selling Newell-Fonda with every interaction both in person and online
  • That People are proud to be part of something special and their actions support this
  • That teachers, students, and patrons feel they are treated with respect and fairly when they come to our school
  • That all staff treat each student as our best customer
  • That people feel they can approach all administrators with constructive dialogue in an effort to make the system better
  • That change is embraced as the norm rather than another thing we have to do
  • That students embrace and excel with the tools we provide
  • That people embrace being an active participant of “The Great Conversation” as referenced by Jamie Vollmer in his book Schools Cannot Do It Alone
  • That Iowa can impact teaching and learning
  • That our students can connect with learners from all over the United States
  • That business and industry connect with schools to move change"

These are a few of my "dreams" for our system that I feel are important as we move forward.

Our entire staff, certified and non-certified, are reading the book by Jamie Vollmer as referenced above and I am hearing some promising comments from our dialogue. Change will occur and our employees are empowered to initiate the change.
I would encourage all to push on your system and stretch your staff. Iowa has a lot of talent working in its schools and they need to be given the opportunity to share outside of their four walls.
Be sure and check out the visions shared on our new DE Director's blog where he asks 3 questions to Iowa educators. It appears change will be supported from the top, this is a great time to be in education!