Sunday, August 30, 2009

Early Figures Indicate Enrollment Increase

With a preliminary count of students in the seats taken on August 28, 2009, the Newell-Fonda enrollment shows an increase of nearly 15 students.  October 1, 2009 is the critical date for Certified Enrollment, which represents a different number than students in the seats.  Students in the seat almost always equates to a larger Certified Enrollment.  Certified Enrollment is the official count that is used in the funding formula used by the Department of Management.

In addition, August 31, 2009 is the first day of preschool and we have an above average number of 4 year olds in our preschool.  At one point this summer we had over 50 in our early childhood classes which included 9 transitional kindergarten (TK) students.  Official enrollment numbers will be posted after October 1st.

This is a great year to have a large number of preschool students since Newell-Fonda was awarded the 4-year-old preschool grant.  We received funding this year in the form of a grant and will count these students in a special count weighted at .6.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Newell-Fonda Construction

Construction on the Newell-Fonda addition is moving along with a noticeable footprint of the building nearly complete.  More pictures will follow construction progress.

Footings being dug with new parking lot
in the background

View of footings which will
be the east wall of the kitchen.