Thursday, February 18, 2010

Commons Floor is Poured!

The commons floor of the new addition was poured on Tuesday, February 16th. The photos below show the size of the commons area, which will serve as gathering area, student center, and lunch room.

Above, the grey machine in the background leveled the cement to finish depth automatically by receiving a signal from a laser level. Technology enabled them to pour the entire commons in one morning.
Motorized carts, background, replaces the standard wheel-barrow. Each cart holds a little more than 1/4 yard of concrete. Kolacia had 2 buggies and the could haul it as fast as the cement truck could haul it.

Workers bull-float a smoother finish after the machine does the initial leveling.
Another shot of the machine that leveled the concrete. The poles on the left and right communicated with a laser that dictates the depth of the concrete.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Construction Update

Work continues on the addition on the Newell-Fonda PK-12 building. The commons is on schedule to have concrete on February 12th. All interior walls are framed up in the classrooms and high school office. The entire area is being heated by temporary heat to maintain 55 degree temperature. Temporary lighting If you have questions, contact Jeff Dicks, Superintendent or call (712)272-3324.

Above, shot from the new restrooms off of the commons.

Kitchen area has a lot of venting complete.

The framed wall is in between the classroom area.

Kitchen vent where all the heat producing appliances will be located.

High school office area framing is nearly complete. Will include principal's office, storage, secretary/reception area, and conference room.